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Tahobis Geenian

DK Tahobis Geenian is a wonderful large boy with an excellent temper, which I hope can stay fertile in my home.
He will be on shows in Denmark and Scandinavia.

Color: Redtabby sbi d21
Born: 16/11-2015
Mother: Oddenvejens Fly me to the moon, sbi j21
Father: Raushöjdens William af Raus, sbi b21

Fertile male

Bloodgroup: A/b

Available for breeding services for a limited period
(Send an e-mail if interested)


19/3-2016, Grindsted: Kitten 4-7 mths   EX1
20/3-2016, Grindsted: Kitten 4-7 mths   EX1, NOM, BIS
24/4-2016, Malmø:      Kitten 4-7 mths  EX1
25/4-2016, Malmø:      Kitten 4-7 mths. EX1, NOM
8/5-2016,   Hvidovre:   Kitten 4-7 mths  EX1, NOM
6/8-2016, Herlufmagle: Kitten 7-10 mths: EX1, NOM
7/8-2016, Herlufmagle: Kitten 7-10 mths: EX1, NOM
24/9-2016: Køge:        Class 9:                 EX1, CAC
4/3-2017: Vallensbæk: Class 9:                EX1, CAC




  8 months


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