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The F-litter is born: 5th of October 2015
Father: IcingSugars Saturnu, sbi b
Mother: Tahobis Binisha, sbi a

 Name Gender Pet/breed/show? Status
 Tahobis Feo Eloue  Male, bluepoint Pet/showSold to Louise and Troels
 Tahobis Fedora Camira Female, bluepoint PetSold to Louise and Troels
                           Fedora Camira                                                                                 Feo Eloue
                         Feo Eloue 6 weeks
                                                                      Fedora Camira 6 weeks

                     Tahobis Fedora Camira                                                              Tahobis Feo Eloue

                        Tahobis Fedora Camira                                                           Tahobis Feo Eloue

                      Tahobis Fedora Camira                                                             Tahobis Feo Eloue
                                  10 days                                                                                    10 days